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Fogo Fungi wins the RP-Trendlines Agri-Food Incubation Programme 2023!

Fogo Fungi had the incredible opportunity of being a part of the Republic Polytechnic (RP)- Trendlines Agri-Food Incubation Programme 2023, which aims to nurture and support Agri-Food start-ups. This led us to embark on a fulfilling 3-month learning adventure which was filled with engaging workshops, valuable networking sessions, and insightful fireside chats from esteemed industry experts.

Our journey started by competing against 29 other startups, and it culminated in a demo day pitch against six other finalists held at the Agri-Food Tech Expo Asia (AFTEA) as part of the Singapore International Agri-Food Week (SIAW). The fiercely competitive demo day was ablaze with passion and ambition, as the finalists, including our co-founder Ryan Ong, pitched to the panel of judges

In the end, we emerged victorious, securing the grand prize of $30,000. This win marks a monumental milestone for us, validating the hard work we have accomplished thus far and affirming our dreams of making a difference with fungi. However, this is truly just the beginning of our mushroom-charged tales. Do continue to support us and expect great things as we pursue our quest to produce the best mushrooms possible for the people and our planet!



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