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Fogo Fungi presents The Magical World of Mushrooms!

We believe that enriching today’s youths with the exciting knowledge of nature is vital for a greener tomorrow. In an effort towards that vision, we conducted our very first series of workshops, guiding participants on an immersive adventure into the magical world of mushrooms to cultivate the next generation of mushroom farmers!

Our workshop was part of HoneyKids Asia Presents: Go Green, in partnership with Grobrix and Forum the Shopping Mall, and saw an overwhelming 135 participant sign ups across 4 sessions.

On their journey through the magical world of mushrooms, participants learned about the anatomy and life cycle of mushrooms, and even had the hands-on experience of creating their own mycelium!

Equipped with newfound knowledge about mushrooms and ready to graduate, our junior mushroom farmers received their personal mushroom grow kits to put their learning into practice at home.

We had an incredibly fulfilling time conducting the workshop and here’s an interesting insight that we picked up: Learning is a two-way street, and we too have learned a lot from our participants. Through interactions with the enthusiastic and inquisitive youthful participants, we rediscovered the importance of maintaining a childlike curiosity. This results in an insatiable appetite for more knowledge, helping us to be bolder and more persistent in our pursuit of growth.       

Our workshops aim to bridge the knowledge gap between people and their food and environment by making the learning process fun, engaging, and meaningful. If you are interested in curated mushroom workshops for your next event, reach out to us via and we’d love to chat!

Hope to see you soon!



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