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Fogo Fungi - From Mushroom Enthusiasts to Sustainable Tech Innovators- SMU BIG Feature

We really love mushrooms.

Our commitment to growing the best mushrooms possible stems from our deep-rooted interest and appreciation for them. We are completely enamoured by how fascinating mushrooms are and the endless possibilities they present, and we truly wish to spread that sentiment to others through what we do.  

There may be a few questions that come to your mind:


Why mushrooms?


How did the team come together?


How did we start?


Well, our recent appearance in SMU’s BIG feature has managed to perfectly capture the essence of the answers to those questions, and more. Check out their article below for extra insights about our mushroom-charged journey.

Link to full article:



What is the SMU BIG programme?

SMU’s Business Innovations Generator (BIG) programme is SMU IIE’s flagship incubation programme, designed to help early-stage founders validate their product and get ready for seed investment. Fogo Fungi was previously a part of their programme which played a crucial role in finding our footing and advancing in our venture into the world of entrepreneurship.



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